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Crossfire 110

Crossfire 110

Crossfire 110

(8 customer reviews)


Our most popular size. This lure has produced huge numbers of monster Flathead and was the original prototype size. Don’t let this size fool you, it has been effective on wide range of species, including fish much larger than you would normally anticipate. Target species include Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Bass, Tailor, Saratoga, Mangrove jack, School Jew, Queenfish, Trevally. All come fitted with #6 VMC treble hooks.



  1. Specifications:

Weight: 9g
Length: 110mm

Additional information

Weight 0.009 kg
Dimensions 11 cm

Pearl White, Fire Head, Sandy, Weedy, Silver Flash, Nipper, Pale Rider, Perch, Mullet, Firestorm

8 reviews for Crossfire 110

  1. Mark Fisher

    My first session with the 110 Firehead was a non event. Second session I slowed everything up. Twitch, twitch, twitch……….pause. Without fail, every hit was on the pause including an 80cm big girl in less than a metre of water. Fantastic session with a number of fish 45-55 + the big girl. Highly recommend this lure for shallow water. Next will be the 195mm.

  2. Luke Fitzpatrick

    I have been using the Crossfire 110 for a while now, it is one of the first lures I throw in shallow water or when fishing a surface bite. It seems to always score fish, especially on the pause as the lure very slowly rises. Great job on a great lure.

  3. Dean Saville

    Absolutely awesome lure is the Crossfire 110 and are my go to lure of choice for big flathead 50cm plus. Too date biggest on this lure has been 75cm but have caught may more smaller in the 60s. shallow flats there is nothing on the market that comes close to the way this lure is affective at getting that surface strike at nailing the big girls in less than a metre of water. Fish that I was missing using plastics in the same areas are now getting caught using this great lure. Pearl was my first and I have Firehead and a couple of other colours that I am yet to use because these two colours just work so well. they are also saving me money because I am not buying other lure just try because I haven’t been catching like I should be. Because of this lure when you get a strike you get a hookup and that just doesn’t happen with plastics. I fish out of a Kayak and use the twitch and jerky wind and pause as my method of catching. 195 might be my next choice to try as they may cast that little bit further away from the yak. Highly recommend this lure and if you have any question look me up on my you tube channel.
    Dean Saville Gold Coast Kayak Fishing

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