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Crossfire 155

Crossfire 155

Crossfire 155


This 155mm is the perfect size for a wide range of species. From Flathead to Barra.



  1. 155mm, 30g

Additional information

Weight .030 kg

Firehead, Pearl White, Pale Rider, Sandy, Silver Flash, Ocean Dawn, Dragon Blood UV, Mullet, Galaxy, Pillie, Boggle frog


  1. Tim gavan (verified owner)

    Perfect lure for sandflats. I fish a shallow system with part sand park rocky bottom. I need a lure to swim above the snags but just below the surface (when im not fishing surface lures). The Crossfires do it for me every time. depending on what baitfish is in the system (for me its mullet and or whiting) will determine which lure I use. Mullet has been my long-term go to lure which rarely doesn’t succeed. Perfect for slow or faster retrieve. Yesterday was my PB 81cm flatty in knee deep water along the weed line. Perfect. Cheers Crossy. Since the 155s have come along the larger fish are on the chew. Mind you my last 75cm PB was on the 110.

    • crossfire

      Thanks Tim, Great fish for your new PB. Cheers.

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