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Crossfire 195

Crossfire 195

Crossfire 195

(4 customer reviews)


  1. A very versatile sized lure which is gaining popularity with Anglers targeting Flathead in the larger sizes. This lure has a huge range of applications, especially for those chasing Barramundi. Species range includes Barramundi, Big Tailor, Jewfish, Black Bass, Spot-tail Bass, Kingfish, Mackerel, Mahi-mahi, cobia, Murray cod, Threadfin salmon. All come fitted with 3xstrong VMC treble hooks.



Weight: 48g
Length: 195mm

Additional information

Weight 0.052 kg
Dimensions 19.5 cm

Pearl White, Fire Head, Sandy, Perch, Mackerel, Silver Flash, Sprat, Pale Rider, Mullet, Copperhead

4 reviews for Crossfire 195

  1. Gavin Pearson

    Awesome lure just bought the firehead 110 in 25mins caught 3 flatties 55cm,48cm,42cm in 1/2 meter of water on my kayak In about 30m meters between the 3 fish. It was great seeing the flatties scoff the lures down . Got to get more of these lures in different colours.

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